5 Things That Can Sabotage Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

When one has been involved in an auto accident, he may find it challenging to embark on his usual life routine. This is particularly true because personal injuries result in adverse physical, financial and emotional impacts. However, there is one beneficial thing that can aid your recovery process, which is, filing a personal injury lawsuit. Taking legal action against the offenders gives you a feeling of contentment while providing you the chance to get fair reimbursements, with regards to medical expenses and lost wages. Hiring a personal injury lawyer from http://www.williamslawflorida.com/personal-injury/auto-accidents/, ups your chances of winning the lawsuit. Unfortunately, not each of our cases is resolved positively because some clients sabotage their cases with self-inflicted wounds. To prevent weakening your case, avoid making the following mistakes.

Talking About Your Case

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, you need not talk about your case to any person except your lawyer. If an insurance company, a juror or even an attorney for the opposing party attempts to contact you, you should refer them to your attorney. Often, plaintiffs damage their cases by giving away details to the adversaries. You should not even discuss your case with close friends or family.

Social Media Accounts

You also need to be wary of the remarks, comments, updates and pictures that you post on your social media accounts. The reason is that the accuser’s attorney may use some of the pictures to claim that you did not suffer severe injuries as you claim. Alternatively, configure the accounts’ settings to “private” during the period of the trial. Also, ensure that neither your friends nor family members mention you in any of their social media accounts.

Neglecting Medical Advice

One grand mistake that auto-accident victims make is to ignore getting medical treatment. It is of utmost importance that you seek medical attention, even if you have sustained minor injuries. Similarly, you should adhere to every medical advice that your physician gives. If your doctor asks you to attend therapy sessions every day, you should schedule appointments for this treatment. Ignoring medical care and advice will only hurt your case. In fact, the insurance firm can use your negligence to argue that you did not sustain severe injuries; hence, you do not deserve significant compensation.

Delay in Filing the Lawsuit

Every state has a statute of limitations, which indicates how long a victim can wait after an accident to file a lawsuit. At times, the insurance company may attempt to delay you, by promising you a settlement. It is vital that you check with your personal injury attorney to determine exactly how long you have to file the lawsuit.

Not keeping evidence crucial to the case

If you intend to file the personal injury lawsuit at a later date, it is imperative that you store all the records relating to the accident. This includes medical bills, photographs of the accident scene, financial statements that prove lost wages, contact information of witnesses among others. Misplacing any of these vital documents can sabotage your case. In fact, the lawyer of the accused can use this chance to argue that you were at fault during the accident.

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